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Spot prawns are little sea creatures that have a delicate texture and amazingly sweet taste that many liken to a combination of the best lobster and fresh-churned butter. Spot prawns grow and are harvested in much of the coastal North Pacific Ocean, from San Diego all the way up to Alaska. The bulk of the commercial fishery for spot prawns, however, is actually in British Columbia.

Sustainably fished spot prawns are caught in traps and then hand selected. This practice, along with well-monitored fishing seasons to allow for ample reproduction, keeps the fishery sustainable up and down the West Coast of North America. The labor-intensive method of sustainable harvest also makes these little critters quite expensive unless you have a boat, prawn pots, and a fishing license to go out and get them yourself. Most shellfish aficionados, however, believe spot prawns are worth the price. (credit: Molly Watson)

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